Enhance your Influence

Increase your visibility and learn how you can leverage the power of your relationships to maximize your social impact.

Strengthen the Ecosystem

Collaborate and coordinate your efforts to strengthen civil society in your community.

What is Nawiri Connect?

Nawiri Connect is a collaborative online platform that maps organizations and individuals working to support children and youth in Kenya. These actors include civil society organizations (CSOs), NGOs, donors, technical support organizations, public institutions, capacity development service providers, businesses, consultants, think-tanks, and researchers.

Nawiri Connect is dynamic

Nawiri Connect updates collaboration networks in real-time. Users who join Nawiri Connect can regularly update and monitor their evolving relationships and watch as their networks at the country, region, or global level changes over time.

Nawiri Connect is a tool for discovery

Nawiri Connect is designed to expose the roles different actors play within a system. Nawiri Connect users can easily and quickly identify the key resource hubs, active networkers, influencers, and brokers within networks as well as explore their own positions.

Nawiri Connect is empowering

Nawiri Connect provides members with critical information on how to leverage their influence and resources to maximize social impact, strategically build new partnerships, and spread ideas, standards, and practices across a community of like-minded organizations.

How does Nawiri Connect work?

Nawiri Connect enables your organization to map institutional relationships and to generate a visualization illustrating where you are positioned in relation to others. These maps are backed by powerful network analysis-derived statistical metrics to illuminate relationships and structures that may not be visible or intuitive.


1. Create public profile

for your organization

2. Describe your relationship

with other actors in the network

3. Leverage your influence

to maximize your social impact

How to participate in Nawiri Connect?

After you receive an invitation to Nawiri Connect, create an organizational profile and describe your organization's relationships with others in the network through short collaboration surveys. Update your relationships in real-time and immediately see a visualization of the civil society sector. Identify key actors and learn about your organization’s level of influence. Invite other organizations with which you collaborate to join Nawiri Connect and help to grow the network. Revisit the site regularly to update your partnership information and observe changing relationships among organizations in the map.

About Us

We are a mission-driven community dedicated to improving children’s rights and ending child poverty. The initiative is supported by ChildFund, with technical support from Root Change. >